Sinus Problems – Do I Have Sinus Infection Symptoms Or Acid Reflux (GERD) Or Both? Nurse’s Guide

Oftentimes I realize when people suffer from GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) or simply acid reflux they may not be aware of it and think they’re suffering from sinusitis or even a sinus infection because the symptoms can mimic each other. You may find yourself chronically congested from one or the other or both as I have found among many sufferers.GERD or acid reflux can develop because of the valve that is on the end of the esophagus where it meets the stomach. This valve may get weakened or stop functioning properly and allow stomach acids and contents to go up the esophagus and cause symptoms that you may think are sinus symptoms or you may think they’re GERD symptoms and they may be one or the other or both conditions.You may feel symptoms such as heartburn, which is often silent, and some thick phlegm in your throat, which may cause you to clear your throat often.This constant assault on your esophagus can cause an inflammation of the esophagus. Of course you want to try to figure out if you’re suffering from acid reflux or from sinus problems like chronic sinusitis or sinus infections or both so that you can treat it naturally at home without drugs or medications.These symptoms can be worse at night because stomach acid tends to back up more so at night. Also if you have a regular or acute or chronic sinus problem you should prop yourself up on wedges and pillows at night as part of your prevention, so that infected material doesn’t go down into your bronchial tubes or lungs. You don’t want to complicate it by getting bronchitis or pneumonia. If you have sinus infections you’ll have some of the symptoms below.These are some of the symptoms that may be either acid reflux disease or GERD or sinusitis or other sinus problems: a slightly sore throat or even just a tickle or so, a strange taste in your mouth on occasion that may be hard to describe but may be sour, bitter or foul, voice problems including raspiness or hoarseness or similar, could be in the morning or as the day goes by, a cough – could be just slight occasionally or chronic, clearing of the throat or actually feel a lump or phlegm in the throat. Also you may regurgitate a little food or liquid or your tongue or mouth may feel like it’s burning at times. Sinus infection phlegm or mucus can be very irritating.So you may know you have GERD or know you have sinus problems such as sinus infections but may not know you have both because the symptoms can be confusing. So getting a better understanding of your sinuses and acid reflux (GERD) so that you can help yourself with natural treatments at home without drugs once you know what’s going on is a good place to start I’ve found.

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