The Pregnant Woman & Acid Reflux Natural Remedies

Even for those women who never previously suffered from acid reflux symptoms, pregnancy can cause many symptoms that cause discomfort and frustration. Pregnancy can bring on a number of symptoms of heartburn and reflux that can cause a woman to feel sick, become irritable and frustrated. More than half of all pregnant women experience heartburn during pregnancy.This is normally attributed to changes in hormones as well the the growing womb putting pressure on the stomach.Most prescription drugs used for painful reflux come with very serious side effects already and should not be taken while pregnant. So finding natural remedies is sure to make for a smoother and more enjoyable pregnancy.Symptoms of Reflux During Pregnancy Include:· Heartburn· Nausea· Chest, Stomach and Abdominal pain· Regurgitation (food and stomach content coming back up through the esophagus)· Vomiting· And more…Acid Reflux Natural Remedies & DietUnfortunately symptoms occur at a time when a pregnant woman may feel hungrier than ever, or feel as if she needs to ‘eat for two.’ Cravings can also make a woman eat food she may not otherwise. What a woman eats can make all the difference in how the body reacts.Diet, meal portions and what foods are eaten are the basis for preventing uncomfortable heartburn symptoms. Making sure to have the right foods on hand and knowing what is good or bad to eat can help a woman feel her best. Of course spicy foods are most commonly blamed for causing heartburn and other reflux symptoms, but actually foods that are highly acidic are the root cause. These include a wide variety of foods that you may not think of including eggs, meat and some fruits.Certain foods can make acid reflux symptoms worse. Try avoiding:· Citrus fruits· Chocolate· Caffeinated drinks or alcohol· Spicy, fatty, or fried foods· Garlic and onions· Peppermint· TomatoesHaving foods on hand at that can be snacked on, used in cooking and taken as natural remedies will help prevent the onset of painful symptoms. These include:· Herbs such as mint, basil and green tea· Ginger· Apple cider vinegar· Milk· Chewing gum after meals· Honey· Baking soda & water· Keep the upper body elevated if laying down after meals· Many more…As you can see there are a range of acid reflux natural remedies that can be used for prevention, taken with meals or used after meals to reduce the likelihood of symptoms.

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